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Gale Mead: News

Joe here..... - November 16, 2006

Joe here, to recap last night's concert. In a word, WOW. What an evening. The crowd was good, the band was tight and Gale's voice was amazing. It was a great line up but I was amazed at the reaction "Letter's Home" received. In the many times we've performed that song, the response was always positive but the fact that the audience cheered during the song really blew me away. From the opening number, "The Wind" to the "scheduled" closer, "Secret O' Life" Gale had the audience so involved in the music it was an incredible high for the whole band. Two encores, and as far as "Turtle Blues" goes, wow, a standing "O"! How cool was that? Thanks for all of that and so much more to come!

Napa Dems with Will Durst - November 4, 2006

What a great evening! We played an opening set for Will Durst, with Jessel singing harmony... The band was tight, the crowd was really enthusiastic, and those who've seen us before said it was one of our best shows ever, so jeez, it's hard to know what else to say! Durst and I exchanged autographed CDs and he put on a hilarious show.... One of my favorite lines: "For we political comics, Bush is a cornucopia of delights. Like if Reagan and Quayle had a kid. He’s Quagan." Another great one: "What’s the deal with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s marriage to Maria Shriver? What is that: phase one in a genetic experiment to breed a bullet-proof Kennedy?" Anyhoo, it sure was fun. Many thanks to the Democrats of Napa Valley for giving me the chance to sing for them!

Second Kelley's Gig - November 3, 2006

What fun! We had a much better turnout than last time, and at Kelley's request added to our set a song by the Asylum Street Spankers that's been making the YouTube rounds lately: "Stick Magnetic Ribbons on Your SUV" that was such a hit we ended up doing it three times over the course of the evening. Time to either write or ferret out some more pithy material, I think. Thanks, everybody, for coming out to see us. We'll be back at Kelley's on Nov. 16. Hope to see you there!

Terry Bradford on PBS - October 31, 2006

Terry's my vocal coach and a super nice guy. His terrific show at the Napa Opera House is coming soon to PBS:

PBS station KRCB (Channel 22) has selected Terry Bradford's September 15th concert as one of the shows it will be airing during its December 2006 pledge drive. The way that PBS stations measure the success of a show during their pledge drives is by how much the phones ring and
pledges get made during the time it's on the air. Please tune in on Monday, December 4th to watch this amazing concert. I promise that you'll have a great evening. We are so grateful for your support!

Note: KRCB covers Napa County, Marin County, parts of Mendocino, Solano, and Contra Costa Counties, San Francisco, South San Francisco, Daly City, and the East Bay through Oakland.

More info:

No bad days... - October 26, 2006

Joe, Steve and I played dinner at Kelley's No Bad Days Cafe in Napa tonight, and it was a blast. We had a free hand to play whatever we wanted, and this is the sort of place where the more political and humorous material is welcome, which was a lot of fun. And the food! The lamb curry was worth the effort even if we weren't getting paid, and the guys felt the same about the linguini. We've been invited back for next week, and may make this a regular thing. Hope to see you there sometime!

Happy Hour at the Avalon - October 21, 2006

Had a great time yesterday playing a duo show with Joe at the Avalon in Sonoma, with a mix of folkie stuff and a few old standards. A small but attentive audience tapped their toes and occasionally sang along, and asked us to come back and play again soon. Then it was off to rehearsal with the rest of the gang.... Meanwhile, Joe and I are busy learning material written by our good friend Linda "Songbird" Peterson, so we can back her up on her CD, to be recorded next month....

Letters Home CD - October 17, 2006

album coverThe CD "Letters Home" is now available for purchase at CD Baby. Contains the songs: Scotch and Soda, Turtle Blues, Keep Me in Your Heart, Whiter Shade of Pale, Letters Home, and Tiempo y Silencio. And it's only ten bucks!

North to Alaska! - September 1, 2006

Recently returned from an Alaska cruise in the company of two of my favorite science fiction writers, Spider and Jeanne Robinson. In addition to getting an advance peek at Spider's new book, a posthumous collaboration with Robert Heinlein titled "Variable Star," I had a chance to play some tunes with Spider --- what a pleasure!

Here Comes the Sun - August 10, 2006

We've just finished our demo -- six songs including one original, Letters Home. We recorded at Prairie Sun Recording in Cotati, and couldn't have been more impressed with the place, the people, and their dedication to making good music. I was more than a little humbled to be recording in the same rooms, using the same equipment, as people like Tom Waits, Van Morrison, and Paul McCartney. We'll be heading back there to complete work on our first full-length CD, titled 1968, as soon as we polish up a few more of our original tunes.

The Fairmont Gig - July 31, 2006

Just back from a corporate gig, at the Fairmont Hotel in SF -- what a wild experience! The crowd was full of energy, and the sound system was better than we'd hoped for. We did a lot of dinner music, and a few uptempo tunes to warm the crowd up for the dancing band that followed, and the chairman of the company thanked us with a magnum of one of their best wines for each of us. What a guy.

A Hot Time at Jessels - July 17, 2006

Featured at Jessel Gallery in Napa, CA tonight, and it was really a fun show. This venue offers a classy, intimate atmosphere, with crowds who are there to really listen to the music, and we had a great turnout of friends, family, fans, and regular customers.
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