Summer Updates 

July 7, 2008
The War Goes On
We just finished mixing the first of the songs with Amos Garret's stellar solos, and I can't wait to share it! And it's a song that resonates a lot for me with the current FISA legislation on the Senate's plate right now. It's called "The War Goes On." Please give it a listen and let me know what you think!. As I write this, Eric McFadden is in the studio with us playing some unbelievably beautiful guitar on a song called "Where I Go." It's really, really gorgeous. I'm so…

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Spring Updates 

May 26, 2008
Preview of Coming Attractions!
Our work at Prairie Sun continues, and the tracks are turning out really nice. We have most of the instrumentals completed, and I'm thrilled that the legendary Amos Garrett has agreed to lend his prodigious talents to the project with guitar solos on several songs. Vocals continue to be a work in progress, and there's much to be done in mixing, etc. but I think we're more than halfway to the finish line. In honor of Memorial Day and the servicemembers who have…

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2009 archive 

November 18, 2009

Writing again

Well it's about time something broke loose in my brain.... More songs are in the works, and I'm learning some new covers, too. Still in the market for a good gigging partner. I'll be in NYC December 8, paying tribute to JWL at Strawberry Fields. Not a gig, just happen to be in the city at the right time. Maybe I'll see you there! Finally, I would like to thank Spider Robinson for once again including some of my music in his podcast (#73, "Music from the Heart") -…

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Fall 2008 

September 28, 2008
Common Good now on iTunes
All songs from "Common Good" are now available for download on iTunes. The CDs are also now in stock at CDBaby. Meanwhile, I have new Galapagos photos from my August trip at ( email me for the password).

In other news, our country appears to have finally noticed that we're broke, and has reacted (predictably) by borrowing more money. Terrific. In the face of all this, if you have a few dollars to spare, please consider donating to…

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I'm scheduled to be interviewed on Saturday, Oct 13 at 3:00 pm Pacific time, on the local PBS station, KRCB 91FM. You can stream it at I'm also on the schedule for "Busking With Dave Robbins" on Tuesday, Oct 16, sometime between 10 pm and midnight on KSVY 91.3 (You can stream it at KSVY's website. On both occasions I'll have a little opportunity to talk a bit about the Oct 20 peace rally, and sing a couple new songs.


I'm excited to report that I've been invited to sing at the "Sonoma County Stand UP!" rally on October 20, in support of ending the occupation in Iraq. The rally will be held at Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa, from noon to 2:00 p.m. and I'm scheduled to sing at around 1:00. Speakers include Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey and Dr. Peter Phillips of Project Censored, and the band Midnight Sun will also be performing I'll be joined onstage by Steve Della Maggiora on guitar. Over 1,000 people are expected…

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New songs 

Joe and I have been making great progress putting together songs for our new CD, with the working title "1968." We've been cooking up plans with producer Bill Cutler for pre-production this summer, followed by recording at both Prairie Sun and Hyde Street Studios. Our goal is to have the finished product in our hands in time for Christmas We're having a great time breaking in our new guitar player, Nazar Eljumaily and working out new arrangements in preparation for our July 24 gig at the Last Day

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last day saloon 

We performed Saturday at the Last Day Saloon in Santa Rosa, as part of a tribute to soldiers killed in Iraq. After "Letters Home," a Marine who'd lost both legs in the Gulf War asked me to wear his "cover" (Marines baseball cap) for a couple songs. I kept it on for the rest of the show and he gave it to me afterwards. Knowing that I could touch even one person with my music makes it all worthwhile. We've been invited back to play July 24 -- details to follow....

nice review! 

Many thanks to Sonoma Sun columnist JM Berry for this blushworthy review of our May 19 gig! He writes: "To me, when Grace Slick was in her prime, she is easily ranked as one of the top five female rock vocalists of all time. After one upping Joni Mitchell on her CD, Gale took yet another legendary female vocalist and roughed her up a bit with an acoustic version of White Rabbit that sent chills down your spine, it was that good. Her show last week at Copia earned her two standing ovations. Occasionally…

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