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  1. Freedom's Song

From the recording Freedom's Song


Are you looking for something to believe in?

Are you wondering how we ever went so wrong

Have you forgotten how it felt to think the best was yet to come

Have you forgotten how to sing freedom’s song?

Freedom’s song! For our minds cry out for justice

Freedom’s song! For our souls cry out for peace

Freedom’s song! Our voices can’t be silenced

‘Cause it’s everybody’s birthright to be free

Since the first time a man ever raised a hand to his brother

The first time might made right, ‘tho it was wrong

That thing in us that’s holy has taught our hearts to sing

Mmmmm-mmm Freedom’s song


Will you teach your children fear and hate and hopelessness

Will you teach them to just go along to get along

Or will you teach them how it feels to think the best is yet to come

Will you teach them to sing freedom’s song